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  What if.....

   ..........We truly believed in ourselves and  began to realize that we are the masters of our destiny and of our universe? That we are the magicians in our lives that have the ability to build and destroy what surrounds us. Like a child building a sand castle ~ so it is the life we create. We are constantly building our lives by the choices we make, the people we surround ourselves with and the places we choose to be in.

     What if.....

   ..........You were to awake tomorrow morning with a different perspective on life with a new pair of eye lenses that allows you to see clearly. The secret to clarity is something you already possess!  Let me help you reveal the treasure of truths that lie beneath the superficial surfaces that have become the veil over who you truly are.

       What if.....

   .........I told you that I will share with you the secret gems to your happiness?  Find out what tools you will gain by discovering and understanding the mind behind the face of Author; Lisa Eva Gold.



Lisa Eva Gold  is one of the most inspiring minds of our time.
- JJ Cranes

Once you pick up a book by Lisa Eva Gold,  you can't put it down. They are infectious!
-Denise Barron

If you love great literature, pick up a book by Lisa Eva Gold. You will be an instant fan!
-Harry Jones


We create our own foundation by choice.
We choose the people in our lives to help us, as we help them in return.
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